Boot // Firewood

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Valt groot! Neem een maatje kleiner dan de normale schoenmaat. Geloof ons, een maatje groter op de groei kopen werkt in dit geval echt niet, ze vallen echt groot ;)

Westernboot Firewood
• 100% high quality Genuine Leather
• Made according to the Goodyear Welted method
• Handmade lining
• Rubber outsole
• Beautiful decorative ocher yellow stitch on the boot
• Reinforced shafts
• Broad square toe

Cowboy boot made of high quality cow leather!

These beautiful oiled leather boots are a feast for the eyes. Durable boots with beautiful stitching. Handmade boots that last a lifetime. With these beautiful boats you make a statement. Perfect for under baggy pants, jumpsuit or cool dress/skirt.

Bootstock finds sustainable, fair and safe working very important, these boots are Made to last!